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Pleasure Pasture, Part I
Friday afternoon…
The sound of a vibrating smartphone breaks the silence inside of the white Volkswagen Jetta.  The gorgeous blonde behind the wheel takes a French-manicured hand and reaches for the device that’s sending vibrations into her thigh where it rests.  She diverts her mesmerizing brown eyes from the road to address a text message from a girlfriend.
“I really wish you wouldn’t do that,” the younger blonde rebukes from the passenger seat.  
“It’s a bad habit and it’s dangerous.  Can you put the stupid phone down and leave it there, please?”
“Well aren’t you a goody two-shoes,” Emma replies, typing away. “Mommy’s little angel.”
Alice rolls her eyes and mumbles, “And you’re mommy’s little devil, for sure.”
“Whatever.  Guys don’t seem to mind me all that much.  In fact, they love me.  Don
:iconsrc4387:src4387 25 19
The Costume Shop Horrors
October 30th…
Beth Sweetin, with her anxious 8-year-old daughter, Mia, in the backseat, drove urgently around town in search of Halloween costumes.  Normally, Beth was a stickler of a planner and well prepared, but Halloween managed to creep up on her due to some hectic workdays.  Now, on the eve of the ghoulish holiday, Beth scrambled to find suitable costumes at the major chain stores, but all were either sold out or offered very limited options.
While she remained steadfast in assuring Mia that they’d find costumes in time for trick or treating the following day, panic gradually invaded Beth’s optimism.  And her panic was increased by a road-construction detour, which forced her to turn the car down an unfamiliar road lined by dilapidated, abandoned shops and untended grass and weeds.  Where the hell are we? Beth thought to herself.  She lived in this town for most of her life and never once set her eyes on this area before.  Ev
:iconsrc4387:src4387 42 8
Mature content
Pleasure Island Flatulence :iconsrc4387:src4387 16 4
Lily and Her Mommy
Mom and daughter came home one day to find a great surprise
In their mailbox was an envelope, plain as if in disguise.
“Look, my Lily, two tickets!  One for you and one for I!
They say right here in bright, bold letters that we’re to go to Pleasure Isle!”
Young Miss Lily and her mommy grabbed their coats to meet the ferry
It was due at port that very night, nary a moment to waste, so they hurry.
Large and red and lit and lively was the vessel that awaited them
Other mommies and their girls waved them aboard and shouted, “Run!  Come!”
After 20 short minutes, the ferry slowed and docked at the gate
Every woman and young girl exclaimed that they could hardly wait.
The large, oak doors swung open at once and swallowed each eager visitor
Rides, games, food, and drink, there was an endless stream of clamor.
Choosing to forsake the coasters, Lily and her mom sought out the pool hall
The structure openly admitted the pair; it resembled a colossal eight b
:iconsrc4387:src4387 9 12
Mature content
The Stuffed Donkey Enchantment :iconsrc4387:src4387 38 25
Mature content
The HAWWgwarts Girls :iconsrc4387:src4387 38 3
Her Pet Mommy
The other girls her age have dreams of having a pony or unicorn to call their very own.  
Eight-year-old Sophia wants a jenny.
                                                                                       * * *
Three months ago…
        Gathered at the table set up in the backyard of their urban home, Sophia, her friends, and family celebrated her eighth birthday.  This was the second birthday that featured an empty chair where Sophia’s father should have been.  Instead of tracking down the man who chose to run away with a coed, both mother and daughter embraced a life together.
        Her mother, 36-year-old lawyer Amy, brought the anticipated birthday cake adorned with eight candles to the
:iconsrc4387:src4387 75 16
Hoofin' It
“What’s going on?” asked the little girl.
“Emily, I asked you to keep quiet so I can figure this out,” snapped her mother.
Kim Colbin, a pretty woman of about 35, took her eight-year-old daughter by the hand and pulled her along.  The problem was, she had no idea where her car was.  She distinctly recalled parking it under the elm tree towards the rear of the lot because nobody—and she meant nobody—was going to have the opportunity to tarnish her new Audi.  A few hefty alimony checks funded that prized possession, but now that white beauty was missing.
And she was fuming.
Kim looked all around the lot for any towing signs, not that taking up two spaces to park your car in a large and nearly empty parking lot was a towable offense…was it?  
Emily, with her long creamy brown locks that undoubtedly were inherited from her mother, looked up at Kim and asked again, “Mama, what’s wrong?  Where’s
:iconsrc4387:src4387 75 29
Violet's Edema
Stunning and elegant are the blonde minions of Circe,
Lonely, unwary victims do they allure, deceive, and demean.
A delicate, famished Violet suddenly comes into sight,
She has a rumbling hunger, a rather insatiable appetite.
In a miniskirt and tube top, her pigtails they do wiggle,
The blondes yearn to feed her, to make her curves all jiggle.
Inquires one such beauty, "Will you like the buffet, hon?"
With a hasty reply of "Yes" from the girl they are suddenly gone.
Seated at a table that accommodates four-plus guests,
Violet remains unaccompanied, wondering, "Where are all the rest?"
The blondes return with many, concealed, weighty platters,
What fare rests underneath those lids is all that truly matters.
As her mouth waters, the treats are revealed, with their heavenly aromas,
Violet merely helps herself, while the women observe like mommas.
She stuffs, she chews, she slurps, she squeals like the swine she resembles,
"Mmmm, what a fatty," to her associates one blonde mumbles.
:iconsrc4387:src4387 3 5
Merriment at Pleasure Isle
The coachwoman surveys her newest batch of beauties,
They puff, they drink, they laugh, they wreak calamities.
The coachwoman leers at her girls, so unsuspecting and foolish,
They eat, they scream, they play, they do anything they wish.
The coachwoman avidly prepares for the inevitable disorder,
She bolts the door, lines up the crates, and awaits the thrilling "makeover."
The coachwoman remains out of sight as a blonde's ears shoot to the sky,
A tail follows, as does a bray, until they all begin to "die."
The coachwoman's delight is palpable; she has no fear in all the world,
Once they reach the mainland, they'll no longer be stunning girls.
:iconsrc4387:src4387 7 11
Ode to the Tufted One
Long and slender, bestial and hairy, is this unwelcome member,
It dangles, wiggles and humiliates, a burden to its ill-fated owner.
Pants or shorts, skirts or tights, revealing briefs or thongs,
It thrusts and stretches, defies all seams, and pops with a proper "BOING."
They itch, they tickle, they drag behind, and they swat both thigh and buttock,
Their victims pull and yank and moan, their efforts most pathetic.
"Pay the price for your fun," shouts the alluring, base coachwoman,
The girls massage their weary seats, where IT makes them less than human.
With holes aplenty, the girls they scream, they plead, they sob, they wail,
Gray or black, brown or roan, is this, the donkey tail.
:iconsrc4387:src4387 16 26
The Island's Pleasure Takes...
The infamous island magically lured this beautiful, stunning beauty,
The reluctance was palpable, so the island tricked this cutie.
Her creamy-white skin was smooth, despite her mature years,
Her light-brown hair hung strikingly, desiring to reach her rear.
Her soft, brown eyes, they sparkled, mesmerizing the beholder,
Her smile revealed her coyness, both adorable and tender.
She puffed the pungent stogie, coughed, and tossed it aside,
She approached a deserted pool hall and sauntered timidly inside.
She poured a beer from the untouched keg and sipped it for a while,
She pondered what she should do next, before spying a concerning pile.
She set her drink aside and curiously approached,
She saw female belongings, abandoned as if reproached.
Purses, rings, earrings, shoes, blouses, and many a cellular,
Shoes, socks, skirts, dresses, and assorted, erotic underwear.
Confused and deeply frightened, she raised a hot pink thong,
The rear hole, below the waistband, alarmed like an echoing gong
:iconsrc4387:src4387 19 13
To The Island's Pleasure
Thousands of femininity’s children desperately sought delight,
They journeyed to the famous island to escape reality’s bite.
Forsook responsibility and all the duties that came with their years,
They opted for fun and play; food, rides, cigars, and beers.
The moment of payment ultimately arose for these wayward dears,
As the pleasure swiftly vanished and inescapable reality reappeared.
Chaos gradually consumed the island and frightful awareness set in,
Tingling sensations conquered their bodies, the commencement of transformation.
Up towards the sky did sprout their once petite, human ears,
While tails ripped through seats and seams, as they horrifyingly grasped their rears.
Tears were shed, shrills echoed, and states of pleading simultaneously erupted,
The unfortunate realization was that their humanity was decidedly being corrupted.
Bones cracked and shifted in order to form front and hind legs,
Pretty fingers, toes, and nails formed hated hooves, despite their frantic begs
:iconsrc4387:src4387 14 10
Mature content
A Night to Forget :iconsrc4387:src4387 50 16
Mature content
Pleasure Island Panties :iconsrc4387:src4387 95 36
Mature content
The Cursed Movie :iconsrc4387:src4387 78 14


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...Current Name: Donkey #13

*Melanie's mom implored her to hit the books and attend every class at her private university.  Instead of listening to her mother's words, she made the regrettable decision to hop on the next ferry to Pleasure Island for carefree merriment.  After finding that merriment...Melanie began to succumb to the price one pays for that fun.  Sadly, as Melanie cried for her mommy, she was forced onto all fours...her new, permanent position.*

(Warning: link leads to a mature site.)…
...Current name: Donkey #12

*Poor Nicky made the doomed decision to go to Pleasure Island.  It started as a fun-filled adventure for the blonde, who couldn't be separated by the luxe tennis courts and endless supply of beer...then, her "death" commenced, when she bent over to hit a shot over the net and an ass's tail blew out of her white panties...before she knew it, she was crawling on her hands and knees, frantically pleading for help...until...she was a blonde girl no longer...she was now Donkey #12, scheduled to be shipped to a local carnival to provide rides for kids.*   

(Warning: link leads to a mature site.)…
*I wonder if she'll still be laughing when a hairy donkey tail pokes and POINKS out of her friend's underwear...*… pay for it...…
*And she's still wearing that sweet yellow thong!*


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...Current Name: Donkey #13

*Melanie's mom implored her to hit the books and attend every class at her private university.  Instead of listening to her mother's words, she made the regrettable decision to hop on the next ferry to Pleasure Island for carefree merriment.  After finding that merriment...Melanie began to succumb to the price one pays for that fun.  Sadly, as Melanie cried for her mommy, she was forced onto all fours...her new, permanent position.*

(Warning: link leads to a mature site.)…


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